ECRUIT!   Now is the time to begin to recruit for next year.



Shared today are two cards I’ve created for recruiting students at my school.  Please use, edit, reinvent.   This year I determined to reach out personally and student-to-student so that the broad spectrum of our school’s students will know we want them and welcome them to join our AP computer science community.

My idea was to send something — a card, a flyer, a note — to students via their math class teacher.  After some searching and looking, I found THIS BROCHURE from Exploring Computer Science.  The ECS brochure is cute, clean, and makes the point.  Using that brochure as my model, I created the 5 x 7″ cards shown and shared below.  The size was chosen because I found fun colors of self-seal envelopes in size A7 (5 x 7″) at Amazon for a great price.   Here are my two cards and the files in both Word and PDF ~


RecruitCard-APCSP-2018  << PDF

RecruitCard-APCSP-2018  << Word

RecruitCard-APCSA-2018  << PDF

RecruitCard-APCSA-2018  << Word

The bit.ly links on each card will send students to the CollegeBoard Home Page Student Course Site full of information, videos, and course and exam information.  My cards can be customized to school colors, teacher, room number or other information should that work better for your needs.  Students in CSP suggested we make QR codes with various links or podcasts or videos which would be really fun too, but in the end I opted to keep it simple and send students to the source, CollegeBoard.

The cards will be printed in color on cardstock.  Once cut the plan is that current CSP students will stuff envelopes with one card, one Smartie candy piece and then write a personal note on the outside of the envelope.  Something encouraging and positive or maybe just a smiley face or drawing.   Similarly, my CS-A students will prepare cards for current CSP students encouraging them to stick with CS as an academic elective.  In a sea of elective choices, we want students to choose CS because we want all students in CS!

I hope this helps get you set up for recruitment season or gives you an idea to customize for your student body.   It’s time to get the word out and sell CS because ECS has it right — COMPUTER SCIENCE IS IMPORTANT!

With big smiles and loads of happy thoughts, Jill


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