P.S. Citations & Sources

Happy CS Ed Week 2017!  I hope you are smiling, innovating, coding, compiling and having a wonderful week where the spotlight is on our courses and our students shining bright.

Lately I’ve had a few emails, texts and conversations that caused me to realize that I needed to add a little P.S. to my video series about the performance task submissions.   Primarily, I need to make clear to state that students should use direct quotations on the Explore PT written responses.   The digital plagiarism checkers will check for similar verbiage; therefore, a direct quote enclosed in ” and ” will avoid a paraphrase being flagged.   Below is my 2 cents in the form of a P. S. video, and here is the URL https://youtu.be/5xN9cue_Zfw .

This is a P.S. to the series which when I told my classes they looked quizical.   This made me realize they really don’t know about the concept of a post script.   A sad side note is that today’s youth will never really need to know or use a post-script because editing tools have eliminated entirely the need for a P. S. at the bottom of any document *tear* and another paradigm shift we can attribute to technological advances.  We press on!

Have a great week, and if I am not back before 2018 have a MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR! Jill