Leap Into Impact on February 29th

Greetings from the great state of Texas where it is sunny and crisp, and I am sharing the spark of AP CSP with 55 Texas teachers @ UT Austin.   On the plane Tuesday I tried to nap (which rarely works on land or by air) but while I tried to think of nothing, I had a great thought about something.   Something fun for our students for Leap Day 2016 in fact.

My brainstorm was to create a prompt page about computing, impact, innovation and future ¨what ifs¨ for students to complete during class on February 29th.   The letters could then be saved by the students in his/her sock drawer to be opened on February 29th, 2020 — the next Leap Day we will have.    When I shared my idea with Dr. Jeff Gray from UA, he suggested that I keep the letters and mail them in 2020.   I like his idea better than the sock drawer so I will have students self-address their envelopes and plan to mail assuming we still use snail mail in 2020 and that I can remember to find and mail them in 2020.   Perhaps the letters will sit in my sock drawer for the next four years HA!

If you would like to have students day dream about impacts of computing and talk to their future selves, below is my Google Doc with the worksheet I drafted.  Please copy it, edit, make it your own and do something fun and innovative on Leap Day 2016.    Here is my working draft ~ enjoy with blessings and smiles, Jill

Leap Into Impact Letter Worksheet LINK

In other news……

Congrats to Gina, again, on her success in the Samsung contest.  Lawrence County High has been selected as one of 15 National Finalist from (originally 4,100 entries).  We will take 2 students to NY to “pitch” our idea. From that they will select 5 winners.  By becoming national finalist we have doubled the prizes we previously won.

It is an excellent true project-based learning activity.  Very memorable…the kids love it.


NPR’s WBHM visited my CSP class last week and today the story is airing.   It showcases students nicely and turned out well.   Here is the link.    Maybe this can help you ¨sell¨ CSP in your local school and community.  https://news.wbhm.org/feature/2016/priming-pipeline-stem-south-student-incentives-alabama/