Exploring & Creating — Part 3a

Happy Wednesday, peeps!   It seems like I turn around twice and another week has flown right by WHEW. 

Today I have Create PT Part 3a of my Trifecta of Performance Task Resources by way of video tutorials to share.   These are created for my Hoover students, but feel free to use for yourself or share to your students.  The PT prompts and rubric rows are discussed by component in separate video segments to assist students who need refresher information about the task elements.

Where to find PT Info on AP Central

AP Central and the CollegeBoard.org site has many sections and elements.  This first video shows students what to Google and where to look to find information about the PTs and rubrics.

CSP Performance Task Intro, Resources on AP Central 2017 >> https://youtu.be/5lvSTPu610I

Create PT 2017 Prompts and Rubric Row Info Videos by JW

These videos are for Create and have my thoughts and helpful hints including some show and tell from our class mock PT, Guessing Game.

Create PT 2a, Video, Program Code >> https://youtu.be/_k95eC_GLdA

Create PT 2b >> https://youtu.be/0k2Ww0sZV8E

Create PT 2c >> https://youtu.be/blUxwKrOdpk

Create PT 2d >> https://youtu.be/V8RFjZSGsxw

Create PT Program Code extra >> https://youtu.be/yAiCN19geTA

Coming soon and before we eat Thanksgiving turkey I will revise and repost this to be the complete Part 3 with the addition of an Explore PT version of the above — gobble, gobble!  Blessings, Jill