Programming Tutorial Sites

The links below are to moderate-to-advanced sites that are for independent learning or practice drills.  While we cannot endorse or attest to the quality or contents of the links below, the list includes several sites we have used and would consider using or recommending to students — particularly to students who wish to continue learning in a supplemental, independent format.

Coding Practice Sites

websheets_header     C++ and Java

codingbat_header Python and Java


Coding Tutorial Sites






Online Courses

edX has over 100 CS-related Courses — linked below are some titles that looked particularly well suited to the high school courses.    NOTE:   edX courses are online adaptation versions of college courses and would be expected to be presented at levels suitable for teacher PD or advanced students.

edX Introduction to Computer Science

edX Learn HTML5 from W3C

edX Introduction to Cloud Computing

edX A System View of Communications from Signals to Packets

edX Introduction to Java Programming Part 1

edX Innovation Generation:  How to be Creative

edX Innovation and IT Management

edX Introduction to Mobile App Development on Android

edX Preparing for the CS-A Exam Level Up! Part 1

edX Preparing for the CS-A Exam

edX Computer Graphics

edX Knowledge Management and Big Data in Business

edX Beauty and Joy of Computing (CS Principles), Part 1

edX Beauty and Joy of Computing (CS Principles), Part 2

edX Information Systems, Part 1 IT

edX Programming in Scratch

edX MyCS:  Computer Science for Beginners

edX Programming with C#

edX Programming with Linux

edX Computer Science for All:  Introduction to CS and Python Programming


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