CSP Textbooks

While piloting CSP, we have searched to find best resources to support the APCSP Curriculum Framework which includes the course learning objectives and essential knowledge statements.


AP®CSP Intro, Internet & Data Units

Our needle in the haystack of college-level CS texts was found to be the text, CS Illuminated.  The chapter contents of this book match well with the course content of APCSP.   Additionally, the student and teacher resources and supplementary activities that accompany the text are plentiful and accommodate diverse learning and teaching styles.

NOTE:  This book is also a recommended text for the Core Segment of IBCS.

 by Jones and Bartlett

AP® CSP Programming Unit

The programming component of CSP is platform independent; therefore, teachers may choose to introduce any one or many languages.   Below are resources for programming languages we believe can fit well into the CSP course.  Please consider the programming levels of your students to offer languages that meet where they are and build toward advancing skills.


Snap Reference Manual

Explore MIT App Inventor logoApp Inventor Tutorials

Python Programming

— to introduce text programming for those ready to move beyond blocks

— See Programming Tutorials Page for links to student learning resources

Java Programming

— as a bridge to gauge interest in AP® CS-A


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