What is an Abstraction Notebook?  

Thanks for asking…..here’s the show and tell!

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 The Abstraction Notebook is our answer to hands-on, unplugged engagement, retention of content concepts, focused journal and reflective writing, vocabulary development and in short — a course interactive notebook. specifically designed for AP CSP.

Through out the course, students will be guided to create an Abstraction Notebook containing activities, notes, reflective writings and application of concepts centered around the CSP learning objectives and essential knowledge statements.   We invite you to join us in the project and work along with us to increase engagement and targeted learning of concepts and vocabulary.
The Abstraction Notebook can serve for end-of-course review and personal reflection as one prepares for the AP assessment.   We believe that having a pilot experience building a student-centered learning tool, will enhance your teaching on the launch year and beyond.
Student supplies needed:
  • Composition notebook (1 per student)
  • Double-sided tape; glue is an alternative; glue stick DOES NOT work
  • Envelopes (5-8 per student) to hold small manipulatives
  • Colored pencils
  • Pen and/or pencil

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