Students in the AP®CS-A course can also build an interactive notebook from a marble composition notebook — javaJournal — for themselves that is useful, personal and content specific.

Suggestions for accomplishing this include the following:

  1. Modify the Table of Contents to match your curriculum/textbooks chapters
  2. Guide students to learn to take guided notes on each chapter or unit so that their javaJournal notebook matches the course unit progression
  3. Format or adapt worksheets to fit the size of the javaJournal notebook page (use landscape with narrow left margin, 4″ right margin)
  4. Adapt activities to be added to the notebook including having students take pictures of things that are in their javaJournal
  5. Have students develop an AP® Exam review section at the back of their javaJournal
  6. Look for ways to allow students to develop a true course and test prep javaJournal for themselves — be creative & have fun!


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