CS-A Exam Prep Info

Test Prep Tips from a Student’s Experience

In 2015 and after the CS-A exam, one of Gina’s students sent this nice test prep synopsis of how she prepared for the exam.  It is worth sharing with any CS-A student and includes links and downloadable files (where possible).  An by the way, this student made a 5 — we applaud her effort and coding expertise!

This is a grid of topics for prior year Free Response questions and can guide students to study problems by topic while learning these concepts in your classroom.  Integrate FR review within your units of instruction as a teaching strategy.

CS-A Released Free Response by Category

Link to CB’s Released Repository

APCS-A FR Exam Questions by Category (2)

Downloadable Grid CS-A FR Exam Questions by Category

Online Course for Exam Prep

edX Preparing for the CS-A Exam Level Up! Part 1

edX Preparing for the CS-A Exam