CS-A Curriculum & Texts

Below are AP®CS-A curricula and textbooks we use and recommend.  Generally speaking, our teaching methods are to mix and mingle the items below to meet the needs of our diverse learners who enter the AP®CS-A course with or without prior knowledge or programming experience.

APCS-A Curricula

Exposure Java

Exposure Java by Leon Schram is designed to assist teachers in teaching Computer Science, PreAP® Computer Science, AP® Computer Science and Advanced Graphics Programming courses, using the Java programming language with the flexibility to suit any teaching environment. Exposure Java is a complete electronic teaching package that includes text book chapters along with all the necessary teaching tools and materials to teach the course.  Exposure Java has the benefits of a linear content format enabling students to experience the AP®CS-A course in one year without a pre-requisite, introductory course.  A subscription/site license is required for this curricula.

Source:  schram.org

A+ Computer Science

A+ Computer Science by Stacey Armstrong is Complete Curriculum Materials and Syllabi documents provided for an Introductory / pre-AP® Computer Science / AP® CS Principles course, an AP® Computer Science A  / Intermediate Computer Science course, and an Advanced / Independent Study Computer Science course which focuses on Data Structures (Maps, Sets, Stacks, Queues, Graphs, Linked Lists, & Trees ), Game Development, and Graphics.  Java, Python, Scratch, Alice, and Jeoo materials are included.

These Computer Science curriculum materials can be used in AP® Computer Science classes as well as non-AP® Computer Science classes.   A+ materials have abundant labs and includes several language sets to allow development of a pathway of courses that culminate in CS-A.    A subscription/site license is required for this curricula.

Source:  apluscompsci.com


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