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Bits & Bytes 2017

Teaching Resources for Computer Science

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It’s exciting to continue the infinite loop of iterations in the refinement of teaching computer science.   The process to revise, edit and seek to improve our craft is what keeps our courses fresh and innovative.  This year’s bundle includes over 2000 files for making your classroom content rich, engaging and purposeful.   The purchase of the approved CSP Audit-Syllabus, pacing guides and assessment resources comes with free unit materials that support course instruction.

2017 Bits&Bytes Resource Bundle includes revised materials and NEW materials to include~

  • approved Audit-Syllabus for AP® Computer Science Principles
  • 2 Pacing Guides for AP®CSP:  Version A–Explore Sem1/Create Sem2; Version B–Create Sem1/Explore Sem2
  • 18 units of teacher resources (unit plans, lesson details, handouts, sample/starter files, interactive journal foldables) materials for teaching AP®CSP
  • Resources for introducing students to at least four programming languages: Snap!, App Inventor, Python and Java — teachers choice whether to use one, several or all as the units are based on programming concepts rather than language
  • Unit tests for each teaching unit
  • abstractionJournal “interactive journal” resources including page allocation, foldables/handouts, vocabulary pages, and images of a student’s completed CSP Interactive Journal from 2016-17
  • 300+ question test bank mapped to CSP EKs
  • Topic quizzes divided by topic/Big Idea
  • Scaffolding and flipped classroom strategies to maximize time toward Performance Task preparation
  • Revised/refined AP test-prep materials from 2017 test-prep bundle and feedback from teachers and students
  • New practice test questions based on feedback from 2017 exam and AP reading
AP® Computer Science A
  • javaJournal setup documents (table of contents, introductory pages, foldables/handouts, etc); images and tips for use in the CS-A course
  • Foldable handouts/notes organizers for use in CS-A units throughout the year including for Strings, Searches/Sorts and Inheritance
  • Class Methods Group Project Instructions/Samples
  • Starter Unit of 7-8 mini-lessons to introduce major concepts in an interactive and engaging way during first 2 weeks of school


Thank you for your consideration of these teaching resources.   To order your 2017 bundle, click the button below.

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